University of the People in Arabic

The fake "Arab" university located in Israel

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University of the People in Arabic is an additional diploma mill created by University of the People Education Ltd in Israel, aimed at the Arab market, including the Palestinian territories and Gaza, without saying that UoPeople is located in Israel. Basically, University of the People uses a separate website in Arabic ( in order to sell "American degrees" to people who only speak Arabic, i.e. they don't speak a word of English and refuse to study English. Usually, students who want to study in the US, in Canada, in the UK etc. must pass well-known English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS; these tests guarantee that students can understand what they are going to study. This is not true for the University of the People: indeed, if they asked for language tests, they would lose all the potential customers who don't understand English in the Arab world but want an alleged US degree — which is why created a specific website in Arabic just for them. Curiously, Arab students don't even know is unaccredited in their own countries and that kind of "American degree" is completely useless. More importantly, they don't know that is an Israeli website: if they knew they are sending money to Israel, they would run away immediately, and UoPeople would lose all these customers.

Basic English course

Actually, (in English) already issued "US degrees" to people who don't speak English: the website seemed to ask for a certification, but if you didn't have one you could send a fake certificate from Africa — possibly with a fake high school diploma — or attend a "Basic English course offered by UoPeople". Everybody knows it is impossible to learn a language by attending a short online basic course — it is a long process and you need to practice for a long time — but is looking forward to getting your $4,000 and couldn't care less about your hypothetical English. On top of that, students who don't know English will have to assess other students' assignments and/or homework through the highly controversial UoPeople's peer-assessment mechanism, just because UoPeople does not employ any professors or teachers that could correct, grade or assess students' works. The underpaid, allegedly volunteer, online instructors, hired without a real employment contract, more often than not in developing countries — i.e. illegal tax-exempt cheap labor — are nothing more than window dressing.

Both students and instructors usually copy-paste random stuff generated by ChatGPT: this is how they speak and write in English.

Unrecognized degree

Last but not least, WES (World Education Services,, a world-famous organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the U.S. and Canada, does not recognize "degrees" for immigration purposes — no matter if they are supposed to be in English or Arabic — in order to avoid immigration scams. By the way, UoPeople is not accredited in Canada.

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